How I Got to Madison Avenue. And beyond.

As with life, this blog is developing and changing. It began with a lot of stories that occurred on my career path from Albany to Madison Avenue and back.

There were some similarities to the AMC series "Mad Men," and then I went even farther back in time with a somewhat fictionalized version of growing up in Troy's Little Italy.

And now, a new development. As my free lance advertising and marketing career winds down, I'm becoming more interested in the theatre arts that my father and his 3 brothers helped instill in me as I grew up.

As a result, I've volunteered to help promote the Theatre Institute at Sage, and now, to continue a long-interrupted desire to be behind the proscenium, I've joined the newly formed Troy Civic Theatre, and was actually fortunate enough to appear in their first production.

So, I hope you'll enjoy the new stories that will develop from this latest turn.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


You never know where inspiration will come from. At some point in the recent past, after I had moved back to the Capital District from Manhattan, and rented a post office box for my free lance business address, its location necessitated a daily drive past a “gentleman's club,” to put it nicely.

Let me state unequivocally here that I have never entered the place, having gotten enough of an idea from that kind of establishment, which shows up in movies and TV shows, especially the Bada Bing from The Sopranos.

But one day, the local club posted a sign whose slightly prurient double meaning made me laugh, and then got me thinking. Phrases like this one are what make the titles of country and western songs stand out.

So, what was I to do? Write a song with that title, of course. I just changed the plural to singular. Here's how the lyrics came out.

Girl Wanted (For Various Positions)

by Frank LaPosta Visco

They told me you answered a help wanted sign

But it wasn’t what I expected.

It was at a bar at Twelfth & Vine.

I walked in, hoping you were rejected.

But they couldn’t turn away a woman so fine,

When they were givin’ out auditions.

And you were just what they had in mind with the sign

That read: Girl Wanted for Various Positions.

Girl Wanted for Various Positions --

And none of them are for me.

Girl Wanted for Various Positions --

Not one of them for me.

I sat at the bar and watched you dance,

Remembering the night we got married

While other men dreamed of future romance,

I saw ours was dead and buried.

You bent over backwards for me back then,

But you never got recognition.

Now you’re so forward with other men,

The Girl Wanted for Various Positions.

Girl Wanted for Various Positions --

And none of them are for me.

Girl Wanted for Various Positions --

Not one of them for free.

I know too late if I treated you right

I’d have what I hope for most:

You’d be home in our four poster tonight,

stead of workin’ at your post.

Give up this job & I’ll provide for you --

I’ll make your happiness my mission.

I’ll be flexible, I’ll be true

To The Girl Wanted for Previous Position.

Girl Wanted for Previous Position

If only I could make you see.

Girl Wanted for Previous Position --

The one you had with me.

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